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Ulf Grandin

Ulf Grandin
Research and teaching in environmental science and ecology. Active in major international networks for long term ecological research.


Responsible teacher for the master level course Environmental Assessment, 15 credits.

Gives annually course for PhD students in Multivariate methods for ecologists

Teaches on many other courses.

Responsible for all BSc/MSc thesis courses in biology and in environmental science, at the faculty.

Director of studies.

Deputy Programme Director of Studies for the Master programme EnvEuro.


Main research is on effects on forest vegetation from environmental pollutants and climate change, on both national and international scales.

Participant in the following EU projects:

Project leader for the web site


Environmental analysis

Works a lot on environmental assessment and monitoring on national and European scales.

Coordinator for LTER Sweden.

Chair of the international monitrong programme ICP Integrated Monitoring

Runs the vegetation sub programme in the Swedish

ICP Integrated Monitoring




PhD in plant ecology from Uppsala University. Researcher at SLU since 1998, working with environmental assessment and teaching


Supervisor for the PhD student James Weldon

Previous supervision of 5 PhD students and 6 Master students, and been host for two Post Docs.

Selected publications

A complete list can be found here.

Selected publications:

Stoll, S., Frenzel, M., Burkhard, B., Adamescu, M., Augustaitis, A., Baeßler, C., Bonet, F.J., Carranza, M.L., et al. 2015. Assessment of ecosystem integrity and service gradients across Europe using the LTER Europe network. Ecological Modelling 295: 75-87.

Löfgren, S., Grandin, U., Stendera, S. 2014. Long-term effects on nitrogen and benthic fauna of extreme weather events: Examples from two Swedish headwater streams. AMBIO 43: 58-76.

Östman, Ö., Wengström, Å., Grandin, U., Wissman, J., Schäfer, M., Lundström, J.O. 2014. Lower abundance of flood water mosquito larvae in managed wet meadows in the lower Dalälven floodplains, Sweden. Wetlands Ecological Management 23: 257-267.

Dirnböck, T., U. Grandin, M. Bernhardt-Römermann, B. Beudert, R. Canullo, M. Forsius, M.-T. Grabner, M. Holmberg, S. Kleemola, L. Lundin, M. Mirtl, M. Neumann, E. Pompei, M. Salemaa, F. Starlinger, T. Staszewski, and A. K. Uziębło. 2014. Forest floor vegetation response to nitrogen deposition in Europe. Global Change Biology 20, 429-440.

Holmberg, M., Vuorenmaa, J., Posch, M., Forsius, M., Lundin, L., Kleemola, S., Augustaitis, A., Beudert, B., et al. 2013. Relationship between critical load exceedances and empirical impact indicators at Integrated Monitoring sites across Europe. Ecological Indicators 24: 256-265.

Grandin, U., L. Lenoir, and A. Glimskar. 2013. Are restricted species checklists or ant communities useful for assessing plant community composition and biodiversity in grazed pastures? Biodiversity and Conservation 22, 1415-1434.


Researcher at the Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment; Section for Ecology and Biodiversity
Telephone: +4618673104
Postal address:
Institutionen för vatten och miljö, Box 7050
Visiting address: Lennart Hjelms väg 9, Uppsala