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Valentina Palucci

Valentina Palucci
Researcher at the Interbull Centre.


My main responsibilities are: running the international genetic evaluation for the six breeds evaluated in the Centre; provide service support to any queries our clients might have about the results of the international genetic evaluation; I’m responsible for the development and well-functioning of the Interbull pedigree database; I carry out the genetic validation procedure to assure the un-biasness of the genetic models applied by our clients;  I’m responsible for the quality assurance of Interbull Centre.


International genetic evaluation, inbreeding monitoring, ISO certification



  • 2005   
    M.Sc., Quantitative Genetics, Department of Animal and Poultry Science, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada.
    Dissertation: Non-additive genetic effects for fertility traits in Canadian Holsteins
  • 2002  
    B.Sc., Animal Science, University of Agronomical Sciences, Perugia, Italy.
    Dissertation: Progeny test of Italian Chianina bulls

Computing platforms: MS-DOS, UNIX, FORTRAN, Shell script

Software: SAS, MTDFREML, Microsoft Office,

Working Experience

  • March 2007-present:     
    Researcher at Interbull Centre
  • May 2006-February 2007:   
    Research Associate at Beef Improvement Ontario (BIO), Guelph, ON, Canada
  • Jan. 2006 – April 2006:       
    Research Associate at Centre for Genetic Improvement of Livestock, University of Guelph
  • Sept. – Dec. 2004           
    Teaching Assistant (University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada) Animal Breeding Methods
  • July 2004                   
    Teaching Assistant (Iowa State University, Iowa, USA) Estimation of Variance Components
  • May 2002-Dec. 2003            
    Research fellowship (Rome, Italy) Genetic Evaluations of Dairy Cattle at the Italian Breeders Association (A.I.A.) in Rome, Italy
  • March -April 2002    
    Teaching Assistant, University of Perugia, Italy,
  • Sept. 2002                        
    Course Instructor (Fregene, Italy) Quantitative Genetic and Animal Breeding Schemes for the Italian Breeders Association
  • June - July 2000          
    Academic training period at National Association of Italian Beef Breeders (ANABIC), Perugia, Italy.

Selected publications

Google scholar

  • Worede GM, Forabosco F, Zumbach B, Palucci V, Jorjani H: Evaluation of genetic variation in the international Brown Swiss population. Animal Mar 6 1-7 (2013)
  • J. Philipsson, V.Palucci, J. Jakobsen: Genetic trends in important traits and inbreeding. The 29th European Holstein & Red Holstein Conference, 4-6th of July (2011)
  • V.Palucci, L. Schaeffer, F. Miglior, V. Osborne: Non-additive effects for fertility traits in Canadian Holstein cattle. Genet.Sel.Evol 39(2):181-93 (2007)
  • F.Forabosco, V. Palucci, W.F.Fikse: Report from the Interbull workshop in Paris. Interbulletin 37 (2007)

Research Engineer at the Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics; Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics, Interbull Centre
Telephone: +4618671987
Postal address:
HGEN, Interbull Centre, Box 7023
Visiting address: Ulls väg 26, Uppsala

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