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Xiangyu Luan

I am a Ph.D. student who has research interests in climate change and climatic compound events.


My current project focuses on the effects of climate change on the agroecosystems, which is supervised by Giulia Vico and co-supervised by Riccardo Bommarco. In particular, we try to explore how combined drought and heat stress impact the crops, which is of great concern given the increased risk of drought and heat compound events in many places due to climate change. Our project is mainly based on modeling approaches to assessing the combined drought and heat effects on affecting crop canopy temperature and yields. Further, we aim to provide adaptive solutions to ensure food security in the face of compound events.



Research intern experience:

Compounding Effect of High Sea Water Level and High-intensity Precipitation on the Urban Flooding issues in Gothenburg, Sweden (2016).

Detection of Water Distribution and Dynamics in the Body of Winter Wheat Based on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, China (2012-2014).


Undergraduate education: Agricultural Water Conservation Engineering, Northwest A&F University, 2011-2015, China.

Bachelor thesis:

Exploring the Best Indicator for Evaluating Strike Damage effect on Flowers Caused by Sprinkler’s Droplet.

Master education: 

Water Resources Engineering, Lund Univerity, 2015-2017, Sweden.

Master thesis:

Evaluation of the Efficiency of Different Strategies to Mitigate Basement Flooding Problem in Gothenburg


Selected publications

Details of publications please find in my ResearchGate account


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