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SLU and BeCa-ILRI organised an advanced course in bioinformatics in Nairobi, Kenya

Published: 19 October 2017

As part of the ABCF program, BecA-ILRI Hub and “SLU-Global Bioinformatics Centre” (now part of “SLU Bioinformatics Infrastructure”, SLUBI) organised for the eleventh year a 10-day hands-on training workshop on Advanced Bioinformatics in Nairobi, Kenya, 4-13 October 2017.

The workshop provided a learning forum for researchers to be able to perform advanced bioinformatics analysis of genomic data sets. Designed to 'train the trainers', the workshop aimed at expanding the African network of National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARS) researchers. The aim was to strength the NARS capacity in the use of advanced bioinformatics analysis tools and databases.

Group photo of the participants. Photo: Erik Bongcam Rudloff

The participating students were from ten different African countries and the teachers were from Kenya, USA and Sweden.

More information about the course here. 



The SLU-Global Bioinformatics Centre (SGBC) is part of the Core Facility at SLU and is an academic research and educational initiative aimed to build a long-term successful bioinformatics infrastructure facility that serves the Swedish University for Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and life science research communities worldwide

About BecA-ILRI Hub 

The BecA-ILRI Hub is a shared agricultural research and biosciences platform co-created by ILRI and the African Union’s New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD). It increases access to world-class laboratories for African and international scientists conducting research on African agricultural challenges. The BecA-ILRI Hub’s mission is to mobilize advances in bioscience for Africa’s development, by providing a centre for excellence in agricultural biosciences. This enables research, capacity building and product incubation, conducted in Africa and for Africa, and empowers African institutions to harness innovations for regional impact.

Through strategic partnerships with National Agricultural Research Systems (NARS) and through its Africa Biosciences Challenge Fund (ABCF) program, the BecA-ILRI Hub is accelerating progress towards impact in priority research conducted at a national level.

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