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Professor from SLU rewarded for  horse research

Published: 06 December 2017

The research on equine arena surfaces, led by Professor Lars Roepstorff, SLU, has been appointed "project of the year" by the Swedish-Norwegian Foundation for Equine Research.

This research includes a total of three research projects that, among other things, have led to new methods for objectively evaluating the surfaces in show jumping arenas and on racetracks. The prize was handed over to Lars Roepstorff at Solvalla in October by the Foundation's Research Director Peter Kallings. The prize consists of a travel scholarship of SEK 25,000 and a diploma.

"The projects have led to methods that reduce the risk of orthopedic injuries to horses", says Christian Nyrén, head of the Swedish-Norwegian Foundation for Equine Research. A mechanical hoof that measures the surface characteristics has been developed and is used extensively in equestrian sport.


Lars Roepstorff
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