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Open seminar: Seema Arora Jonsson on "Gender and Sustainable Development"

Published: 29 March 2017

Welcome to the open seminar with Seema Arora Jonsson, on "Gender and Sustainable Development: Policy and Practice in Environmental management". This is a part of the CBM seminar series Conceptualisations of Nature.

Engaging with knowledges outside of western science and questions of power is increasingly being acknowledged as an imperative for helping solve many intractable environmental problems. What is unacknowledged is the difference in how this reasoning is applied in relation to policy making in the global North and South. While questions of power such as gender and people’s participation are integral to international policy-making in the Northern development policies for the South, there is often little on these perspectives in domestic environmental policy-making. Underlying this paradox are assumptions about science and development in policy-making that preclude a discussion of environmental alternatives. These assumptions generate blind spots in environmental policy-making that need to be addressed so that environmental policy in the global North too is able to respond to environmental problems on the basis of evidence rather than assumptions about science and the rest of the world.

This seminar series, CONCEPTUALISATIONS OF NATURE, aims to stimulate a discussion on concepts related to environmental policy and practice, such as ‘biodiversity’, ‘sustainable development’, ‘ecosystem services’, ‘landscape’ and even ‘nature’ itself. The seminar series consists of 5 presentations in total.

The presentation will be approximately 1 hour in length, followed by an extended 1 hour discussion. Seema Arora Jonsson is our third invited researcher. The seminar will be held in English.

Time: 30 March, 3-5 pm.
enue: Room S, Ulls hus, SLU campus Uppsala.

Warmly Welcome!  

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