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Numerous SLU researchers granted for development research for a sustainable future

Published: 12 December 2018

More than half of the fifteen projects that the Swedish Research Council recently granted for three years, are led by SLU. The research deals with climate adaptation and resilience - tackling consequences of climate and environmental changes, within development research. In each research group, at least one researcher from a low-income or lower middle-income country participates.

The eight SLU projects share a total of SEK 43 million over three years, and several of them concern food security through smart and sustainable farming methods, but gender issues and sustainable waste water techniques are also in focus.

The granted SLU projects are:

Identify, explore and preserve diversity of utilitarian insects for sustainable tomato cultivation
Miriam Frida Karlsson, 5 580 053 kronor
Partner countries: Benin, Tanzania

Climate smart farming methods for sustainability and resilience on soils with rough textures
Libere Nkurunziza, 5 469 796 kronor
Partner country: Zimbabwe

Small-scale wastewater treatment in Bolivia: Sustainable cleaning techniques and participatory planning
Sahar Dalahmeh, 4 047 051 kronor
Partner country: Bolivia

Small-scale farm management of risk in the mountain landscape in Nepal: resilience and landscape investments
Kristina Marquardt, 5 638 308 kronor
Partner country: Nepal

Towards sustainable corn production in East Africa: Resilient cultivation systems in a changing climate
Mattias Jonsson, 5 509 627 kronor
Partner country: Kenya

Control of climate resilient and fair futures: gender, resource management and conflict resolution
Andrea Nightingale, 5 639 530 kronor
Partner countries: Kenya, Nepal

Institutional networks and self-organization adaptation: Tracking the democratic architecture for climate response
Harry Fischer, 5 639 060 kronor
Partner countries: Indien, Nepal

Market-driven forestation in Ethiopia - Change in social resilience and environmental sustainability in intensified land use
Erik Karltun, 5 489 890 kronor
Partner country: Ethiopia

About the funding Sustainability and resilience – tackling consequences of climate and environmental changes

The grants are jointly funded by the Swedish Research Council and Sida through the government's aid funds, and by Formas and Fortes research grants. Research will be of relevance to poverty reduction and sustainable development in low-income countries. At least one researcher from a low-income or lower middle-income country should participate. Support is given to relevant research of the highest scientific quality in all scientific fields.

Read more at the Swedish Research Council's website.