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CBM contributing to nordic assessment

Published: 16 March 2018

In 2016 and 2017, a project has been ongoing in the Nordic countries to evaluate the status and trends of biodiversity and ecosystem services in coastal areas, but also the driving forces for development, and what policy resolutions we need in the future.

The work has been conducted by the environmental protection agencies in the Nordic countries, and some thirty experts have been involved in the collection of data, analysis and writing of the project reports. At CBM, Marie Kvarnström and Håkan Tunón have been coordinating the work to include the perspective of indigenous peoples and local communities. A short version of the report is available as PDF at the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency website: Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Nordic Coastal Ecosystems - An IPBES-like Assessment. Summary for Policy Makers The two background reports will also be published online later this spring.

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The Nordic coastal zone consists of many different environments and with varying salinity in the water, from the Baltic Sea's brackish water to the Atlantic salty waves. The city of Copenhagen's influence on the Öresund and the hard exploitation cannot be compared with the smaller Tórshavn in the Faroe Islands. Changes are easily observed, and the return of the cormorant in the Baltic Sea archipelagos has not gone unnoticed. Photos: Håkan Tunón.