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New brief on gender issues in agricultural research for food security

Published: 17 April 2018

AgriFoSe2030 has published a new brief on gender issues in contemporary research on agriculture for food security. In the brief, knowledge gaps and key issues has been identified.

Agriculture in low- and middle-income countries faces considerable challenges, ranging from increased food demand to climate change impacts, with rapidly evolving scope and complexity.

Although women’s roles as important food producers and critical contributors to household food security are increasingly recognized, they are still experiencing limited access to resources such as land, credit and agricultural inputs and services.

–To increase food security, we need to identify ways and means to close the gender gap. Knowledge and science-based advice on how to improve policies, practices and interventions to further recognize and strengthen the role of women in agricultural production systems is critical. This brief identifies the importance of more knowledge co-creation and collaborative interdisciplinary research on gender issues in four key areas of agricultural development and food security, says Ylva Ran, theme leader of the Communication and Engagement Theme in AgriFoSe2030.

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