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Seek funds to gather knowledge on extreme weather and the food system

Published: 27 September 2018

What knowledge exists at SLU about the effects of extreme weather on Swedish food production and the feed supply of food producing animals? SLU Future Food announces funding for a maximum of 3 months of work for individual researchers or groups of researchers at SLU who wish to help gather this knowledge.

The summaries may relate to the knowledge of emergency measures, or to short or long-term solutions, and they may concern all different areas of the food system or factors that affect the food system. Identification of knowledge gaps, lack of regulations and possible conflicts of interest shall also be included in the work.

The material must be written in Swedish and readable for non-specialists. The summaries should be based on science and contain references.  

Send an email to with a short presentation of your idea and a time estimate no later than 15 November 2018. Write “Application extreme weather” in the subject line.

The work has to be completed before 31st March 2019.

Payments will be made with 50 % at the onset, and 50 % at the completion of the work.

What do we mean with  "The food system"?

By food system we mean all processes and infrastructure needed to provide the population with food. It includes land use, primary production, processing, packaging, distribution, marketing and sales as well as cooking, consumption and waste management. The food system operates and is influenced by social, political and economic factors and contexts.