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Ulf Magnusson rewarded for his work in combating poverty and malnutrition in low-income countries

Published: 01 February 2019

The Royal Swedish Academy of Forestry and Agricultural's A.W. Bergsten's prize is awarded to a person who, through outstanding scientific work, successful teaching activities or comparable efforts in the practical field, has contributed to arousing hope and interest in agriculture or the associated industry and thereby deserving such award. The 2019 prize went to Ulf Magnusson, SLU.

Ulf Magnusson is a professor of animal reproduction at the Department of Clinical Sciences, SLU. The A.W Bergstens prize is KSLA's finest award and the prize ceremony was held at KSLA's ceremonial meeting on January 28, 2019.

The motivation states that Ulf Magnusson has purposefully and successfully worked to highlight the importance of animal husbandry and veterinary medicine in combating poverty and malnutrition in low-income countries and to counteract the spread of diseases and drug-resistant microorganisms between animals and humans. In addition to his own successful research in animal reproduction and global infectious disease issues, Ulf Magnusson has had several assignments regarding research and development cooperation between Sweden and low-income countries.

Ulf Magnusson led the work of developing SLU's strategy for global development, which has since then become a model for the Swedish university world. He has skillfully introduced Swedish expertise in collaborations with international organisations in the field of animal health, such as the International Livestock Research Institute, and also in the collaboration with FAO on the highlighted issue of antibiotic resistance in animal husbandry.

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The prize consists of a sum of money and a medal of 18k gold and it can be awarded annually from the foundation. The A.W. Bergsten donation, was created by the will of the wholesale distributor Alexander Wilhelm Bergsten in 1922.

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