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Contribute to the research about ponds in cities

Published: 07 October 2019
A dam. Photo.

Answer a survey about ponds in cities and help two of the Ph.D. students from the department! The Ph.D. students are part of a large European network of young researchers. They will investigate the ecological status of urban ponds and what ecosystem services the ponds provide.

Two Ph.D. students (Sophia Renes och Jenny Nilsson) from the Department of Aquatic Resources and Assessment are together with Ph.D. students in limnology at Uppsala University involved in a project called Urban Algae. It is a project by early career researchers and with the aim of increase the knowledge about the ecological status of ponds in urban environments and the ecosystem services that the ponds provide. The project will also investigate the public’s view of the ponds. 

After a successful field campaign in the summer of 2018, in which the 30 teams of young freshwater scientists sampled ponds in 28 European cities, is now the second part of the project starting: the citizens’ survey.

Contribute to the research by filling out and passing along the survey!

The survey is available in 14 different languages and is found at this link:   

The survey is open until October 30th 2019.


The project Urban Algae is funded by the European Federation of Freshwater Sciences, the European Fresh and Young Researchers, and representatives of the Fresh Blood for Fresh Water meetings, aiming to foster interdisciplinary collaboration among young scientists.

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