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Welcome SLU's new global network coordinators!

Published: 21 November 2019

SLU's new global network coordinators are now in place. SLU Global wishes the new coordinators warmly welcome to the team!

The global network coordinators represent the four faculties at SLU and are active at different departments at the university. The coordinators will encourage contact, dialogue and exchange of knowledge between departments, faculties and SLU Global. They will also plan networking activities in SLU's internal global network which was launched earlier this year. Cooperation with the faculties' international committees and SLU's future platforms for new synergies is also part of their assignments. All to promote interdisciplinary collaborations for global development. 

-Welcome to get in touch!, says the new global network coordinators.

Network coordinators at the faculties

Faculty of Forest Sciences
Rosa Goodman

Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Crop Production Science 
Christina Lunner Kolstrup 

Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences
Kristin Piikki and Assem Abouhatab  

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science 
Jonas Johansson Wensman 


SLU's internal global network

The purpose of the network is to increase internal interaction and awareness of the expertise available within SLU; and to strengthen internal knowledge about funding opportunities and the capacity for policy issues of relevance for global development.