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It's finally here! Mistra Biotech's annual report for 2018

Published: 13 March 2019

The research programme Mistra Biotech has now been running for seven years. In the annual report you can read about for example the research progress in some of the projects during the past year and perspectives and thoughts about the development in the field of gene technology and food production.

A selection of the content in the annual report of 2018:

  • The programme director Sven Ove Hansson about the precautionary principle.
  • Sara Sundquist from The Swedish Food Federation on unfounded fear of GMOs and companies' responsibility not to fuel it. 
  • Breeding of field cress and a surprising characteristic in the seeds.  
  • Genome editing without the involvement of new DNA.
  • The inconsistency in the legislation on genetically modified crops in general and genome edited crops in particular.
  • Ethical aspects of changing farm animals.
  • Researcher portraits, podcast, events and much more ...


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