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Wrapping up the snowmelt at Röbäcksdalen

Published: 16 April 2019
En person ligger på mage i snön och tar vattenprover från en bäcken.

The snowmelt is an interesting period for researcher who works with water flows in nature. At Röbäcksdalen we are following the snowmelt in more detail this year through the monitoring program SITES water.

NJV's research station Röbäcksdalen is part of the monitoring program within SITES called SITES water and is regularly taking samples from the Röbäck and Degernäs creeks that flows past the stations fields. This year for the first time, additional samples have been taken during the snowmelt to catch the things happening during that exciting time. The snow melt started quite intensively March 28 when the temperature went above freezing degrees even during nights. The peak of the water level was therefore reached already March 30. After that, the air temperature got colder and the snowmelt went a lot slower. From April 14 the day temperature have increased again which has resulted in a second, smaller peak. The last sampling from this years snowmelt will therefore be April 24, almost a month after the start.


SITES water is a large monitoring program with 7 different SITES stations participating. At the programs website you can read more about what SITES water offers.

Read more about SITES water here


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