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Workshop invitation: Rights of Nature in international frameworks

Published: 23 April 2019

In relation to the Earth Rights Conferens in Sigtuna on 10-11 May, CBM is co-organizing a workshop on rights of nature in international frameworks.

Rights of Nature is a global growing movement that aims to transform the relationship between people and nature through law. Major decisions have been made in various context: parliaments, courts and local administrations around the world. A draft Declaration on the Rights of Mother Earth have been presented to the UN. The UN initiative Harmony with Nature, has been instigated with the aim to construct a new, non-anthropocentric paradigm in which the fundamental basis for right and wrong action concerning the environment is grounded not solely in human concerns. The UN General Assembly has since 2009 adopted nine resolutions on Harmony with Nature.

This workshop, "Rights of Nature in the Convention for Biological Diversit" aims to discuss how Rights of Nature could be applied in international agreements such as the Convention for Biological Diversity and the Global Pact for the Environment. Experts from Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature and UN Harmony with Nature will be present. The workshop is held as part of the second version of Earth Rights Conference hosted by Lodyn, Rights of Nature Sweden and End Ecocide Sweden in collaboration with Sigtunastiftelsen and Cemus. The workshop is co-organized by the Swedish Biodiversity Centre (CBM, at The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU).

Where and when?

May 10, 13-14.30 p.m.

Sigtunastiftelsen, Manfred Björkquists allé 4, Sigtuna


Please RSVP no later than May, 3 to

There is lunch from 12 (at your own cost)

If you want to take part in the conference for the whole day (or 2 days), please register at

More information at:

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