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AgriFoSe2030 annual report 2018 out

Published: 15 May 2019

The Agriculture for Food Security 2030 programme, AgriFoSe2030, has now published its annual report for 2018. The programme synthesize and translate existing science into policy and practice, and develop capacity to achieve this.

The AgriFoSe2030 programme aims to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goal on ‘Zero Hunger’. Throughout 2018, the third programme year, our different projects have resulted in many science-based briefs and reports for improved practices and policies to achieve sustainable agricultural production that improve nutrition security in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) and South and Southeast Asia.

Training events for police-makers, practicioners and researchers

The programme has also organized training events in Asia, Africa and Sweden, primarily engaging researchers, but also policy-makers and practitioners involved in the agricultural sector.

– Altogether, the concept of translating agricultural science into policy and practice through capacity building and co-creation of knowledge that improve food security, is now getting widely acknowledged thanks to all skilled colleagues within the AgriFoSe2030 network, Sofia Boqvist, Programme Director from 2019.

A constructive review

– In 2018 we had a programme-wide “mid-term review”. This was a very thorough and useful exercise in which we received a lot of constructive feedback on the programme’s organization and activities. Both in the short-term, for the final year of phase 1 of the programme, as well in a more long-term perspective for a potential second phase of AgriFoSe2030. We are all looking forward to another successful, and final, year of AgriFose2030 phase 1, says Ulf Magnusson, Programme Director 2015-2018.

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