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Apply for grants on digital transformation of the food system

Published: 20 May 2019

Within the National Research Programme for Food, Formas announces up to 60 million SEK over three years for projects that contributes to the digital transformation of the food system.

The announcement at Formas opens on the 23rd of May and closes on the 27th of August.

Much to gain by integrating digital competence

Our food system includes all raw materials, processes and infrastructures that are associated to agriculture, trade, retail, transport and consumption of food. Furthermore, there is also a clear correlation between health and food. The food sector has much to gain by integrating the usage of cutting-edge digital competence and digital tools.

An interdisciplinary approach important

The call aims to promote research projects with a clear interdisciplinary approach, which combines food science research with digital competences (for example, digital services, digital tools and Big data), to increase competitiveness and sustainability in our food system. The research projects should be three years long with a budget of three to five million SEK per year.

Read more about the call on Formas' webb.

The 18th of June Formas will give a webinar "Digital transformation av livsmedelssystemet" about the call. The webinar will be in Swedish but you can ask questions in English, at any time during the broadcast.

Apply for seed money at SLU Future Food until 23 June

There is an opportunity to apply for grants from SLU Future Food to write interdisciplinary applications for this call, or to start up interdisciplinary collaborations aimed at writing applications for the call. Here are instructions for applying for money from SLU Future Food.

You can apply between SEK 50,000 and SEK 100,000 per application. It is up to the applicant to justify and describe what the amount applied for should be used for. Use the form that you can access via the link to SLU Future Food in the paragraph above. We will distribute a total of SEK 500,000. SLU Future Food assesses who is granted based on set criteria. The possibility of applying for this grant from SLU Future Food is from now until June 23rd. Notice will be given in early July.