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New book on the governance and management of landscapes

Published: 08 May 2020

How can the current management of urban open spaces handle all from grass mowing, user participation and leadership to strategic development of urban green spaces?

Urban open space governance and management  is a recently published anthology about the development and management of the urban landscape, suitable as course literature as well as for anyone interested in urban open space and sustainable development. 

The sustainable development of urban space through governance and management processes is affected by current global tends which affect local landscapes. This has increased the demand on urban open spaces and also the need for associated comprehensive, up to date knowledge about the processes that shape and manage them over time.

The theme group landscape governance and management at LAPF, SLU in Alnarp has worked on the development of this knowledge since several years, also involving collaborations with colleagues within SLU and internationally.

The new book is defining and exemplifying, from a European and global perspective, central aspects concerning the development of urban open spaces. It includes long term management, the combination of governance and management and strategic approaches. Ethic perspectives, user participation and adaptation to various user groups are central. Theory and tools for governance and management in history and today are described, providing for thoughts about future spaces and processes.



Märit Jansson, Senior lecturer
Department of Landscape Architecture, Governance and Management
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Thomas Randrup, Professor
Department of Landscape Architecture, Governance and Management
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