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New report: Well-being and landscape - beyond nature

Published: 25 January 2021
A group of people in a mountainous and magnificent landscape. Photo.

The connection between well-being and landscape is multi-faceted, affecting all our senses and experienced in relation to a place. In common parlance it is more usual to talk of nature rather than landscape. However, the concept of nature elevates man from his surroundings; it becomes an entity we relate to, but are set apart from. In this report, we go beyond the limitations embedded in the idea of nature, using landscape as a way for understanding how health and well-being are shaped through people's relationship to their surroundings.


- In the report Well-being and landscape - beyond nature, we engage with landscape as a means for understanding how people's well-being depends on how they meet and interpret their surroundings. This includes the cultural factors that make up our environment, says Mari Kågström, researcher and one of the authors. In particular, we highlight identity and participation as important concepts when addressing peoples surroundings.

Read more about Well-being and landscape - beyond nature and download the report (in Swedish).