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Over 42 million for development research

Published: 03 December 2021

Thirteen different research projects at SLU were granted more than SEK 42 million when the Swedish Research Council (VR) distributed funds for development research.

In total, VR granted more than SEK 182 million for the years 2021-2024. Of these, just over 42 million went to SLU, which is consequently the university that receives the highest total amount.

The funds are distributed both as network grants and project grants in development research.

These researchers have been granted funding:

Malin Beckman

Integrated methods for climate resilience in the mountainous areas of Southeast Asia, 781 000 (Network grant)   

Mikael Berg

Improving animal and human health by identifying infectious agents behind diarrheal diseases on ruminants in Ethiopia, 4 477 371 (Project grant)   

Erik Bongcam-Rudloff

CASSAVANET4DEV: To prevent hunger - Cassava Bioinformatics as a tool for developing cassava biotechnology in Africa, 800 000 (Network grant)   

Elaine B. Ceresino

Increased nutrient content through plant breeding of pearl millet - a contribution to improved health and food safety for vulnerable people in western Sudan, 4 499 437 (Project grant)   

Mulatu Geleta Dida

Strategy against the effects of Coffee Berry Disease (CBD) in Coffea arabica via effective resistance genes, microbial interaction and knowledge of domestic farmers, 800 000 (Network grant)   

Linda Engström

A more equal distribution of land? A study of how interrupted agricultural investments affect small farmers' land supply and subsistence in East Africa, 4 415 000 (Project grant)   

Sheila Holmes

Faunal Activities for Climate Action: A network in southern Africa to find synergies between biodiversity and carbon dioxide storage in savannah forests, 385 000 (Network grant)   

Anna Levinsson

Optimisation of long-term delivery of ecosystem services from trees in Ethiopian cities, 4 462 777 (Project grant)   

Gert Nyberg

Coal and cows; synergies and trade-offs in Miombo landscape - how animal husbandry is important for coal storage, 4 488 570 (Project grant)   

Rodomiro Octavio Ortiz Rios

Development of heat-tolerant alleles to increase agricultural incomes along the Senegal River, 4 500 000 (Project grant)   

Mahbubjon Rahmatov

Enhancing food security through agricultural innovation platforms, plant breeding and agronomic interventions for improving sorghum towards Striga resistance in Sudan, 4 499 009 (Project grant)   

Laura Riggi

Insect cultivation for feed production and management of biowaste in Benin, 3 980 334 (Project grant)   

Salme Timmusk

Finger millet and sorghum interactions with wild cereal microbiome for sustainable food production in Ethiopia, 4 459 977 (Project grant)  

Here you can find the Swedish Research Council's decision. (In Swedish)