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Rainbow trout grown on insects tasted good

Published: 09 December 2021
Small pieces of salmon on a white plate. Photo.

How do rainbow trouts that are raised on other feedstuffs than conventional taste? Is it possible to combine environmentally friendly production with good taste and good texture?

Anders Kiessling, Åsa Öström and Johan Swahn visited this year's Christmas mingle event at the Restaurant and Hotel Academy in Grythyttan to talk about the joint research project on green fish - a farmed rainbow trout that is mainly fed with insects raised on food waste. In addition, a gustation was arranged for the 50 participants. It turned out that the green rainbow trout not only has environmental benefits, it is also very tasty!

The goal of the research project 5 tons of green fish in the counter is that the fish should not eat food that people can eat and that virtually all ingredients should be Swedish.

The original article from Örebro University (in Swedish)