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Bridges – koalition inom hållbarhet

Published: 24 May 2021

On the 24-25 May, the inaugural meeting of BRIDGES, a UNESCO coalition, is taking place. Among the participants from Sweden is SLU Swedish Biodiversity Centre.

BRIDGES is a global sustainability science coalition organized within UNESCO's Management of Social Transformations Programme.

Among four other Swedish organisations, and in total 43 organisations globally, SLU Swedish Biodiversity Centre is one of the participants in the inaugural general assembly.  

As a humanities-led coalition that is not limited to the humanities, BRIDGES promotes potentially transformative collaborations across the domains of the arts, the humanities, the social sciences and natural sciences in partnership with diverse communities.

BRIDGES is a global coalition for knowledge and action based in sustainability science within UNESCO’s Management of Social Transformation Programme (MOST).

See Professor Steven Hartman present the BRIDGES coalition here (link to Youtube).