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Are you working in breeding or plant protection? Join SLU’s new networks!

Published: 15 September 2021
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SLU Plant Protection Network and SLU Breeding Network aim to promote and stimulate collaboration between SLU researchers. Now, you are welcome to kick-offs for these new cross-faculty platforms in October.

The SLU Plant Protection Network and the SLU Breeding Network are collaborations between three and four faculties at SLU, respectively. ­The networks aim to promote and stimulate collaboration between researchers at SLU's different campuses, faculties and departments, strengthen SLU's profile towards the outside world and increase the interaction between research and education. In addition, the SLU Plant Protection Network aims to promote environmental monitoring and assessment.

­– The networks build on the potential that SLU has as many researchers work in the areas of plant protection/plant health or breeding, says Katja Fedrowitz, who is coordinator for both networks.

Both networks are led by a committee, consisting of two members from each of the involved faculties. The chairs of the networks are Anneli Lundkvist (SLU Plant Protection Network) and Rodomiro Ortiz (SLU Breeding Network).

Networks for events and activities

Members of the network exchange activities, news, calls, courses, positions and more in an SLU internal email group, while a regular newsletter summarizes research news from SLU as well as events and activities. If you want to learn more about the networks, sign up for their kick-offs in October – see more information below.

If you are a PhD student, postdoc or technician working with breeding or with plant protection/plant health, you can right now apply for money to attend conferences or pursuing alternative professional development opportunities. Find more information below.

Ongoing calls

Kick-off SLU Breeding Network: Unify Breeding at SLU, 21 October

The aim is to strengthen the internal network as well as to get some inspiring input from three external speakers. Find more information and sign up for the breeding kick-off here.

Kick-off SLU Plant Protection Network: 25 October

Come, meet and connect with others at SLU working within plant protection or plant health. Get to know and help shaping our new SLU Plant Protection Network, and find out what is going on within plant protection at SLU! Find more information and sign up for the plant protection kick-off here.


SLU Breeding Network

Breeding of crops, trees or animals is seen in a broad sense and includes cultivar development, livestock breeding, phenotyping, development of genetic resources, domestication, technology development and/or studies of specific mechanisms. This network is a continuation of the former SLU Platform Plant Breeding, and now also includes animal breeding. Read more about the SLU Breeding Network.

SLU Plant Protection Network

Plant protection is about protecting plants from diseases, pests, weather damage, weeds and invasive species. The subject area is of great economic importance for the agricultural, horticultural and forestry sectors. Plant protection includes plant health and research on measures that combat and prevent pests from spreading, as well as research on ecosystem services. This network is a continuation of the former SLU Platform Plant Protection. Read more about the SLU Plant Protection Network.


Katja Fedrowitz
Coordinator SLU Plant Protection Network & SLU Breeding Network
Telephone: +46 18 67 2196