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SustAinimal has now recruited their PhD-Students

Published: 20 September 2021

This spring, SustAinimal began the recruitment of the center's doctoral students. Now they are in place. Five doctoral students have been admitted to SustAinimal Academy, the center’s career initiative, and the work is started.

SustAinimal aims to increase the knowledge of the role of food-producing animals in future food systems, and to contribute to the transformation of a resilient, sustainable and profitable food production in Sweden. The doctoral students' research areas will contribute to this aim in their different perspectives.

Here are some of their thougts regarding their work in SustAinimal:
Markos Managos seeks to contribute to the development of a sustainable animal production system that will be of benefit both to the Swedish farmers and agriculture in general. 

Christina Moncorgé is curious to learn more about the biodiversity aspects of semi natural pastures and which role they can have for livestock production within a sustainable food system.

Ulrika Nordling hopes that her work will contribute to solving current and future problems relating to animal health and welfare from a One Health perspective.

Harold Opdenbosch aims to bridge the gap between research and implementation to improve the relation between sustainable practices and implementation amongst Swedish livestock producers.

Lotten Wahlund hopes to contribute with new knowledge and ideas if virtual fencing for grazing animals could be used to contribute to a more sustainable food production in Sweden.


Collage with black and white photos of the new PhD students. Photo.


The doctoral students are supervised by people appointed from participating partners, academia, research institutes and industry organizations.

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