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Record year for grants for research on broadleaves and alternative silviculture

Published: 25 November 2022

Climate change, environmental factors and multiple goals increase the demands on the Swedish forests. Several of the department's researchers now have received a record sum of research funding to investigate how new forms of planning and management can contribute to more resilient and climate-adapted forests.

The close to 37 million SEK which FORMAS, the Swedish government research council for sustainable development, has granted to the researchers at the Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre at SLU, is the largest sum ever of grants that have been awarded to the department at the same time, and a uniquely large investment in southern Sweden for research on broadleaved trees and alternative silviculture. The projects often use an interdisciplinary approach and will benefit from contributions from disciplines within both the natural and social sciences.

“We are very happy to have received funds for research on diversified forest management practices, broadleaved trees and also for a new area for the department - wetlands in forests. The topics are very relevant and we will contribute with new and more knowledge which is needed”, says Giulia Attocchi, Deputy Head of Department at the Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre.

Michelle Cleary will lead a project that will produce scientifically tested recommendations for large-scale production of birch in Sweden. Magnus Löf has been awarded funds to develop new knowledge on forest stand establishment and management of broadleaved production forests in southern Sweden by using selective cutting. The purpose of Vilis Brukas’s project is to promote diversified management that better matches forest family owners’ needs and societal goals, by enhancing procedures for forest advisory services and planning.

In her project, Lisa Petersson will investigate how to integrate biological diversity as a goal for rewetting previously drained forest land which will lead to knowledge about moist and wet forest functions for improving the climate and ecosystem. Henrik Böhlenius will focus his research project on identifying browsing-tolerant genotypes of fast-growing broadleaf trees such as aspen and birch, which may contribute to future demands for sustainable biomass production and to reducing substantial losses caused by browsing in the forest each year.

Granted research funds

FORMAS call "New forest management practices for multiple societal goals”

Research project: Diversification of Swedish forest to ensure its resilience and multifunctionality

Michelle Cleary
Research grant: SEK 10,000,000

Research project: The BROADEN project: Development of new methods for a more diversified and broadleaves-dominated continuous cover forestry

Magnus Löf
Research grant: SEK 10,000,000

Research project: Co-creation of advisory services and planning for more diversified silviculture in Swedish family forestry, Co-Creator

Vilis Brukas
Research project: SEK 10,000,000

FORMAS annual open call 2022 - Research projects for early-career researchers

Research project: The return of wetland forests - improving biodiversity while restoring carbon sinks

Lisa Petersson
Research grant: SEK 3,875,000

FORMAS annual open call 2022 – Research project

Research project: Browsing tolerant trees

Henrik Böhlenius
Research grant: SEK 2,995,000