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Grafting scientist continues as Wallenberg Academy Fellow

Published: 20 December 2022
Photo of Charles Melnyk

Grafting is a well-known technique used in horticulture, dating back to antiquity. Five years ago Charles Melnyk came to SLU from the University of Cambridge as a “Wallenberg Academy Fellow” to identify the biological mechanisms behind successful grafting. Now he has received another five years of funding.

Wallenberg Academy Fellows is a career program that provides long-term funding for young, promising Swedish and foreign researchers from all academic fields. In the end of the first five year period the Wallenberg Academy Fellows can be nominated for another five years of funding, which has now been granted in Charles Melnyk's case.

Read more about Charles Melnyk´s research and the Wallenberg Academy Fellows program at Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation:


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