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Pre-testing of household survey in Uganda

Published: 12 April 2022
Two men discussing in the shade in Uganda

Earlier this year, four members of Drylands Transform were together in the field sites in Uganda conducting a pre-test of the household survey that is planned for June.

The team was broad in their experience with Barbara Schumann having her background in global health research at Linnaeus University; Denis Mpairwe from Makerere University who has been working with livestock production; Kuule Derick who is a PhD student from Department of Environmental Management at Makerere University; and Göran Bostedt having a background within forest economics from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Umeå University.

In the field they were discussing issues regarding the questions with both women and men groups as well as testing some parts of the survey on a couple of individual interviewees.

The household survey will cover several areas related to all themes of the project. Questions will be asked to get a general overview of the household composition, the land use and management, livestock and migration patterns, assets and facilities available, incomes and expenditures over the year, crisis, conflicts and social networks as well as nutrition and health.

Interview with a group of women in Uganda
Some questions from the household survey were pre-tested in a group of women in Uganda. Soldiers in the background were ensuring security since there had been cattle theft in the area recently. Photo: Göran Bostedt
Six persons are discussing under a tree in Uganda
Kuule, Barbara and Göran are discussing questions in the household survey with a woman representative and a village leader through an interpreter. Photo: Denis Mpairwe
Villagers gathered in the shade in Uganda
People have gathered for a meeting under a tree in one of the Ugandan sites. Photo: Denis Mpairwe
Charcoal burning in Kenya
Questions about charcoal production can be sensitive to ask since it can be illegal in some areas. Photo: James Drew

Kuule is one of the PhD students in Drylands Transform who will base his research on the outcome of the household survey and it is therefore important that all questions will be understood correctly and that the answer options are relevant. The working title of Kuule’s PhD is “Climate variability and conflicts: Effects of Climate Variability on the rise of social conflicts at the household and community level."

The selection of enumerators is currently ongoing and the plan is to have a training for all enumerators in late May in order to conduct the household survey in June. Later this year or early 2023 will be the time for a follow up survey to capture the seasonality and climate variability of the region.

More information about the household survey can be found here.


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