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Have you heard of the wooden library in Alnarp?

Published: 10 June 2022
Backsides of books. Photo.

Imagine capturing the essence of a tree inside a book! That is exactly what the books in the wooden library does. And now it is possible to experience the wooden library in a new film from the SLU University Library.

Each book in the wooden library describes a certain tree species and the book is made out of wood from that species. The books are actually more like boxes than books, and contains among other things dried leaves, fruits, branches and seeds.

The Wooden Books were a German phenomenon that only flourished for a short period, during the transition from the Baroque to the Enlightenment (1780–1815). The wooden library in Alnarp is an unusual collection, consisting of 217 books about 213 species of trees and shrubs.

The film is available on SLU-play:

This is the first part in a film series about the SLU University Library's special collections.

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