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New report on alternative treatment methods for horses, dogs and cats

Published: 09 June 2022

Complementary and alternative veterinary medicine, so-called CAVM methods, are used to varying degrees as treatment methods for animals. The methods are represented along a "gray scale", from those that in a few scientific studies have shown documented clinical effects, to those that have been shown to be ineffective. Acupuncture, electrotherapy and light therapy are some of the treatment methods included in the literature review. The reader gets an idea of the scope of the methods' scientific basis and detailed information about the state of knowledge.

The report ”Complementary and alternative treatment methods for sport- and companion animals – a systematic literature review” (in Swedish) is published by SLU Future One Health. 

Publisher: SLU Future One Health
Report series: SLU Future One Health reports, report number 2
Authors: Anna Bergh, Anna Boström, Kevin K. Haussler, Heli Hyytiäinen, Iréne Lund, Darryl Millis, Kjell Asplund
Keywords: complementary medicine, alternative medicine, veterinary medicine, manipulation, mobilisation, light therapy, electrotherapy, massage, stretching, acupuncture

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