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World Environment Day - Only One Earth

Published: 07 June 2022
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Only One Earth. The theme of this year's World Environment Day is connected to everything we do and how we see ourselves as part of the global ecosystem. To emphasise these important questions and as part of Stockholm + 50, AgriFoSe2030 and SIANI hosted an event on Sida to discuss the importance of young voices and agripreneurship.

The global food crisis – a threat or opportunity for young smallholder farmers and agripreneurs?

This was the theme of the event AgriFoSe2030, SIANI and Sida hosted 1 June. The event gathered both experts and young agripreneurs sharing their experiences for a broad global audience. 

The future belongs to the youth, so if we are to have discussions concerning today and tomorrow's agricultural sector, then we need to have young people around the table, otherwise the future generation will never forgive us for messing the future - Elizabeth Nsimdala, President of EAFF, Eastern Africa Farmers Federation, and Director Women Affairs at PAFO, Pan Africa Farmers Organisation.

Current world developments and shocks are potentially leading to a reversal of the rural youth progress achieved in recent years in terms of inclusion, and access to decent employment, in food systems development. This event looked at the challenges today's rural agripreneurial youth face in building capacities toward contributing to sustainable food systems, but also the opportunities these challenges can bring. How can, and will, agripreneurial rural youth build capacities to support sustainable food systems? 

The African youth's has been wondering what has been done the last 50+ years to encourage food security within our continent?  - Tracy Kimathi, Founder of BARIDI, a company that provides solar-powered cooling in East Africa's livestock value chain.

This was an associated event to the global environment conference Stockholm+50. It was the first event out of three arranged the same day at Sida. Watch the recording of all three events here. 

Article: Stockholm+50 - speeding up the work to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals




Here comes ten recommendations from the concluding document written at Stockholm+50. 

● Redefine the way of measuring economic success and growth, develop methods that include the impact on nature, health and social factors.

● Recognise that multilateral agreements are the key to success.

● Strengthen the multilateral system by, among other things, developing a new framework for the protection of biological diversity.

● Implement the right to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment, adopted by the UN as a human right.

● Implement multilateral environmental agreements at national level; it is only then that they take effect.

● All financial flows and investments must be in line with climate goals, environmental goals and sustainability goals - and they must be transparent and possible to follow.

● Scale up financing of environmental and development measures.

● Strong inclusion of, for example, young people, indigenous peoples in environmental work.

● Science, research and education are fundamental to innovation, technological development and sustainable change.

● A circular economy is necessary to achieve sustainable growth without over-consumption of natural resources.

Source: Dagens Nyheter


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