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"The more antimicrobials we use - the more resistance we get"

Published: 26 September 2022

On 5 September, SLU hosted an international roundtable discussion on antimicrobial use in the livestock sector.The discussion was broadcasted from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) headquarter in Rome, Italy.

The discussion was arranged by the SLU-hosted Livestock Antimicrobial Partnership (LAMP), within the Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock and moderated by Ulf Magnusson and Sandra Nohrborg at the Department of Clinical Sciences, SLU.

The objectives of the discussion were to get the perspective on the AMR-issue from four large international producer´s organisations, namely Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, International Poultry Council, International Meat Secretariate and International Dairy Federation.  

The discussion showed both similarities and dissimilarities between the organsisations’ work to refine and reduce the use of antimicrobials. Also, there were geographical or regional differences in attitudes with respect to be “precautionary” or “solely evidence-based” in handling the risk of zoonotic transmission of resistant microbes.

When discussing so called “traditional” or “natural” substances as remedies, there was a strong consensus that all substances – regardless whether they are synthetic or natural occurring – promoted as antimicrobials must be subject to the same scrutiny for efficacy and safety (i.e., being “origin-neutral”).

The discussion was recorded and can be accessed at the GASL Partnerships YouTube Channel.

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