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Dissertation - Jacob Dalgaard Christensen

Published: 13 February 2023

On Thursday 9 February 2023, Jacob Dalgaard Christensen had his dissertation with the thesis "Risk, reproducibility, and reproduction: Essays on scholar’s analytic decisions and consumers' product purchases". Professor Erik Wengström from Lund University was the opponent. Big congratulations!


“This thesis investigates how evolutionary biology theories can be used to better understand consumer behavior. The first paper lays the groundwork for the methodologies used throughout the thesis. Here, the focus is on the (ab-)use of p-values and how easy it is to find a false-positive research result under different common circumstances. The second paper investigates what happens with the willingness to engage in risky choices when people have a low level of blood glucose. The third and fourth papers focus on conspicuous consumption and examine the circumstances that induce people to purchase prestigious products. The empirical studies have in common the idea that the respective choices involved in each paper are embedded in an evolutionary process.”


false positive results, budget rule, conspicuous consumption, natural language processing, evolutionary biology, blood glucose, relationship status

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