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Project call with focus on social, economic and/or biodiversity sciences or continuous cover forestry

Published: 20 April 2023

The SLU Forest Damge Centre is opening a call with focus on forest damage with the explicit purpose of filling crucial knowledge gaps in the areas of social, economic and/or biodiversity sciences or continuous cover forestry.

The call is for research projects (project duration: 2023-2025, up to 24 months).

Applications within other areas of interest for the SLU Forest Damage Centre are also welcome, but priority will be given to the areas mentioned above.

Collaborations with external stakeholders as well as internal or external co-funding are encouraged.

Applications will be evaluated according to area applied for and grounds of assessment (project question, method and performance, relevant competence, societal relevance and communication). Projects for the research school as well as long-term monitoring projects will be handled separately and should not be included here.

The main applicant needs to be employed at SLU. The total budget for this call is 6 million SEK. The maximum budget that can be applied for is 1 000 000 SEK. Granted support may be used to cover salary (including overhead costs), travel expenses, accommodation costs for guests while in Sweden, or equipment unique for the centre development. Funded projects shall report yearly and at the end.

Please read below how to apply.

Grounds of assessment

Project question

- Relevance of the project, in relation to scientific novelty, methodological advancement or other needs specified

- Quality of intended output

Method and performance

- Feasibility and suitability of the methods

- Well-defined and realistic work plan

- Ethical considerations when relevant

- Reasonable budget in relation to the intentions

Relevant competence

- Ability to carry out and coordinate the project and the research group

- Communication skills (dissemination of results to stakeholders/end users)

- Strength and competitiveness of the research group

Societal relevance and communication

- Connection to social/sectoral issues

- Short- or long-term practical application

- Stakeholder/end user needs accounted for

- A concrete and realistic plan for communication and other output


How to apply

Applications should be written in English with a popular summary in Swedish.

To apply, use this application template and attach the CV of all applicants. Each CV should be a max. of two pages, and contain the 10 most relevant publications.

Please adjust the box sizes below according to the length of your answer but note that the application shall not exceed the number of signs specified for each box. The count of characters given in the different boxes includes spaces.

Applications shall be submitted digitally to

The deadline for this call is the 25th of June 2023.

Timeline of this call

After the submission deadline (25th of June 2023), an evaluation committee that is independent from the SLU Forest Damage Centre staff and not part of its steering group, will assess all applications. Also, the reference group of the SLU Forest Damage Centre will evaluate the applications.

Based on the comments from the evaluation committee and the reference group, a final decision will be made by the centres steering group in the end of August. The projects can start as soon as possible after the decision has been announced.


For questions, please contact the administrative coordinator of the SLU Forest Damage Centre,


SLU Forest Damage Centre

Director: Jonas Rönnberg; +46 40 41 51 79 eller +46 706 72 76 43

Deputy director: Wiebke Neumann Sivertsson; +46 90 78 68 117 eller +46 706 34 90 51

Deputy director and responsible for the research school: Åke Olson; +46 18 67 18 76

Communications officer: Theres Svensson
theres; +46 90 78 68 228, +46 765 46 05 96

Administrative coordinator: Katja Fedrowitz; +46 18 67 21 96