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Drylands Transform's first project summary

Published: 04 July 2023
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Now the first project summary is published for the SLU-led project Drylands Transform. One of the collaborating organisations in the project is IGAD (Intergovernmental Authority on Development) who are the ones that has produced the publication.

IGAD is working according to the 5 pillars of cooperation:

  • Pillar 1: Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment;
  • Pillar 2: Economic Cooperation and Regional Integration;
  • Pillar 3: Health and Social Development;
  • Pillar 4: Peace and Security;
  • Pillar 5: Corporate Development Services

Hence, all IGAD programmes are clustered under these Pillars. 

Within IGAD there is ICPALD, which is the IGAD centre for pastoral areas and livestock development. The vision for ICPALD is to

"be the premier centre of excellence for promoting livestock and complementary livelihood resources development in arid and semi arid areas of the IGAD Region"

The Centre is supposed to promote, facilitate and advocate for a people centered gender responsive sustainable development in arid and semi arid areas in the IGAD Region. This is done through the following strategic objectives:

  • Promote and facilitate regional livestock and drylands policies and development initiatives,
  • Facilitate and support the domestication, adoption and transfer of appropriate research and technology in drylands and livestock development,
  • Act as an interface between the extension, research, policymaking and execution and coordinate implementation,
  • Establish linkages with other IGAD specialized institutions especially ICPAC, ISSP and CEWARN, and member state institutions and create synergy with international, continental and regional institutions’ programs and projects on issues pertaining to drylands and livestock development.
  • Promote and facilitate need driven capacity building

IGAD in general and ICPALD specifically are therefore important collaborators within Drylands Transform both in terms of dissemination and scaling of results.


Logotype for the project Drylands Transform

Drylands Transform

Drylands Transform is a 4-year research project funded by Formas that started up during the Covid-19 pandemic in October 2020. It includes an interdisciplinary research team representing SLU and seven other universities and international organisations from Sweden, Kenya and Uganda. 

Visit the website for Drylands Transform.