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A CRISPR bite - new podcast released

Published: 28 September 2023

The first episode of the podcast “A CRISPR Bite”, about how gene-editing technology is changing our food, has now been released. The podcast is produced within the GEAP3 international social science research consortium, where SLU has a leading role within the The Public Perceptions hub.

CRISPR gene-editing technology came out as a massive biotech breakthrough in the last decade, but most people have still never heard of it. The podcast "A CRISPR bite" takes listeners into the labs where researchers are tinkering with food genes, to help break down the problems they’re hoping to solve – and what’s at stake.

Each episode in the 5-episode series focuses on a specific agricultural product –  tomatoes, soy, wine and cattle – as a lens through which we tackle the major economic, ethical, and social questions arising from new gene technologies like CRISPR and TALEN. The podcast episodes provide interviews with experts about how these technologies work, about key players in the vast patent and policy debate, and what changes consumers can expect to see on our plates in the next few years.

Listen to Episode #1: "The first bite"

The Podcast A CRISPR bite is produced by GEAP3 (Genome Editing and Agricultural Policy, Practice, and Public Perceptions), an international social science research consortium that explores how key developments in gene editing are framed and governed, with particular focus on agriculture development and social justice.

The Public Perceptions hub is led Klara Fischer, Associate Professor and researcher at Department of Urban and Rural Development at SLU and Glenn Stone at Washington University in St Louis.

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