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Food Planning on the agenda for SLU Urban Futures Ultuna Hub

Published: 20 September 2023
Vegetables on an outdoor market.

Urban Food Planning has emerged as an important topic in the work of SLU Urban Futures’ Ultuna Hub connected to the Foodscapes theme. As part of these topics, SLU Urban Futures is engaged in a number of upcoming events that lift questions related to urban food planning together with researchers and societal actors:

Food Planning workshop with Swedish Municipalities

Together with Swedish municipalities, this workshop will explore the key challenges for municipalities in developing and implementing food planning strategies and policies; share best practices on how to practically work with issues relating to the food system; and discuss innovative solutions in policy and practice relating to the food system. This is a closed event but keep an eye on our Food&Cities pages to read about the outcomes of the event.

Uppsala MatRåd explores an Uppsala Terrior

SLU Urban Futures joins a group of local food actors in Uppsala to discuss how the development of an Uppsala terroir can support and facilitate a more local and sustainable food system in Uppsala. Terroir derives from a French concept that refers to the geographical and social conditions that influence food. More information will be published on SLU Urban Futures: Ultuna Hub.

If you would like to find out more about these activities, please get in touch with Andrew Gallagher, Ultuna Hub and Food & Cities coordinator:


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