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Record number of PhD students

Published: 27 March 2024
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The Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre has a record number of students and researchers. The rapid growth calls for focusing on new research and education, head of department Magnus Löf writes in the Year report for 2023.

About 35 years ago, the foundation was laid for what is today the Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre.

Our institution has continued to develop in step with societies needs and various forest policy changes.

Today, the department consists of several different disciplines and we have broadened our perspective on how the forest can be used, while also increasing our responsibility with forestry education.

30 PhD students

In last year's column, I mentioned all our new research initiatives funded by various research foundations and the forest industry. 

The year 2023 has been marked by the initiation of these projects. As these projects progress, they are working towards forming new collaborations, implementing field studies and personnel are continuing to be recruited. 

At the time of writing, there are approximately 30 PhD students enrolled at the department and more are on the way!

It is very gratifying to see this new talent in the department, as they are working hard on future oriented and applied PhD projects that will be benificial to the forestry sector in the broadest sense.

Three parallel cohorts

During the year, we also put a lot of work into organizing our education courses and programmes. 

The international bachelor's program Forest & Landscape is now fully developed and three cohorts are running in parallel at our our teaching premises. 

It is very gratifying that so many students are applying to the program! Together with our international master's Euroforester, this means that the institution will train many of the forestry experts of the future.

Growing as an institution is mainly positive, but also places high demands on the employees in terms of flexibility and cooperation skills. Here, I think you are all world class and want to thank you for a good job in 2023!

Thanks Magnus and Per!

During the year, two employees retired. I would like to thank Magnus Mossberg and Per Fornling for their contributions to forest science research.

Magnus Löf, Head of Department