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A Visiting Professor with a passion for interdisciplinarity

Published: 15 April 2024
Photo of Marie Stenseke.

Marie Stenseke is passionate about interdisciplinary research, and through her long career, she has gathered a lot of experience about interdisciplinary working methods. For three years, as visiting professor, she will continue to develop interdisciplinary studies at SLU.

Marie Stenseke was recruited to SLU in 2022 as programme director and artistic director of Interdisciplinary Academy (IDA), an initiative that gives selected groups of researchers at SLU the opportunity to set aside 20% of their working time to deepen their experiences of interdisciplinary collaboration.

IDA is now entering its third year, and a new call for proposals for 2024-2025 opened earlier this spring, with the deadline for applications on the 22nd of May. Marie Stenseke is now strengthening the ties with SLU, as she becomes a visiting professor at 30% for three years.

– I'm really happy to have been given this opportunity. Interdisciplinarity is something that I am passionate about, and now I have the opportunity to spend even more time on it. It also feels very good to be active here at SLU, which is subject-wise very close to the path I have followed throughout my life.

Formally, the visiting professorship is in cultural geography, which is the subject Marie holds a professorship in at the University of Gothenburg, but in practice she will work a lot with the development of interdisciplinary studies at SLU.

The visiting professorship is financed by SLU Future Food, but is linked to the Department of Urban and Rural Development. There, Marie Stenseke finds colleagues with whom she has worked before, including within the research program HagmarksMistra, but she also looks forward to new collaborations.

– We are delighted to welcome Marie Stenseke here and to develop collaborations. This is a unique opportunity for us to deepen our thinking and doing around interdisciplinarity, says Stina Powell, Head of Department of Urban and Rural Development.

About Marie Stenseke

Marie Stenseke is professor of cultural geography at the University of Gothenburg and vice dean at the Gothenburg School of Economics. She received her doctorate at Lund University in 1997 with a thesis on the farmer and the landscape, and her research has mainly revolved around biodiversity, nature conservation and landscape management from a social science perspective. The record can be made long. For several years, she was part of the scientific management of IPBES (Intergovernmetal science-policy platform on biodiversity and ecosystem service), an assignment she completed two years ago. She also sits on the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's Scientific Council for biodiversity and ecosystem services, and is a member of The Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry (KSLA).

Marie is currently involved in two ongoing Mistra programs: Mistra Sport and Outdoors - which aims to create a movement for sustainable sports and outdoor life, and Mistra BIOPATH which aims to integrate biodiversity as a natural part of all decisions within the financial system. Previously, she has, among other things, been part of the management of the research program Friluftsliv i förändring and sat on Forma's research council. At SLU, she has, among other things, participated in the research programmes HagmarksMistra and Naturvårdskedjan.


Interdisciplinary Academy (IDA) vid SLU inrättades 2022 och drivs som ett projekt av NJ-fakulteten och SLU Future Food, med syftet att bygga upp en långsiktig organisation för utveckling av mång- och tvärvetenskaplig forskning vid SLU.

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SLU Future Food är en plattform som stimulerar och utvecklar tvärdisciplinär forskning och samverkan för ekonomiskt, ekologiskt och socialt hållbara livsmedelssystem.

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