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Compensatory fish farming, climate and the way forward in focus

Published: 08 April 2024
About 100 people at a conference listening to a presentation. Photo.

The 2024 National Aquaculture Conference, this time in Umeå, gathered more than 100 participants – all with an interest in aquaculture; from farmers, researchers and processors to authorities and interest organisations. The conference, co-organised by SLU Aquaculture, focused on compensatory fish farming, climate challenges for aquaculture, and Sweden's way forward. Here is a summary and three quick questions for three of our SLU researchers, who all participated in the conference.


Why a national conference on aquaculture?

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"This is an important reoccurring venue for Swedish aquaculture and a great opportunity to gain knowledge on what is going on, discuss new ideas and network," says Hanna Carlberg, researcher at the Department of Applied Animal Science and Welfare at SLU. 

"I think the conference's greatest strength is its triple helix effect. It becomes clear that many people want to move in the same direction but are working in very different ways to achieve the development goals for Swedish aquaculture. The conference is an important forum for creating consensus between stakeholders in the industry, academia and the public sector and stimulating new collaborations," says Henrik Jeuthe, CEO and research director of Vattenbrukscentrum Norr AB and external resource at the Department of Animal Biosciences at SLU.

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"The National Aquaculture Conference is an important forum for understanding the current events in Swedish aquaculture from the perspective of stakeholders such as research institutions, businesses, and funding agencies. Since the various stakeholders affect and depend on one another either directly or indirectly, it is beneficial to be aware of each other’s goals and objectives and also build a working relationship which facilitates future collaborations," says Ashwath Gaudhaman, PhD student at the Department of Applied Animal Science and Welfare at SLU. 


What did you appreciate most about the conference?

Headshot of a young man with short dark hair wearing glasses. Photo.

"The variation in the program, the wonderful food provided by the farmers, and to meet old and new friends and colleagues," says Hanna Carlberg. 

"I especially appreciate the opportunity to meet and talk with old friends and colleagues as well as new acquaintances in the Swedish aquaculture industry," says Henrik Jeuthe.

"The format of the conference was good. A session in which several persons, in short, presented their work within aquaculture, and lots of opportunities to mingle and discuss them later," says Ashwath Gaudhaman.

Any take-home messages?

"I think many of us felt encouraged by the presentation regarding the investigation on regulations that have been made. This is a topic that has been discussed within Swedish aquaculture for a long time. It is nice to see that things are moving within this area," says Hanna Carlberg.

"It is inspiring to see the drive of the producers who work hard, often in an undeservingly strong headwind, to provide us Swedish consumers with first-class seafood. Partly linked to this, it also looks like the work on regulatory simplifications for the authorisation process can (actually) produce results - very positive," Henrik concludes.

"While discussing my work with some fish farmers, I realised that they also felt its importance. I also gained some useful insights on what farmers and businessmen think of salmonid feeds," says Ashwath Gaudhaman.

Read a summary of the conference and access the presentations (in Swedish).








Image description: During the mingle before dinner, samples of Swedish aquaculture were offered in the form of crusts with arctic char from Umlax, cold smoked at Bergman's fisk och vilt in Vilhelmina (left). Sushi with rainbow trout roe from Vattudalens fisk and rainbow roe from Nordic Trout served by Rå:Bra Sushi Umeå (right). It tasted fantastic and was appreciated by everyone.


More about the National Aquaculture Conference 2024

The National Aquaculture Conference offered new knowledge, inspiration and insights into aquaculture practice, innovation, research and entrepreneurship.

Among the topics on the programme were:

  • Compensatory fish farming
  • Climate challenges for Swedish aquaculture
  • Promotion and action plan for aquaculture going forward
  • Increasing Swedish food fish production

Organisers: Nationellt Kompetenscentrum för Vattenbruk (NKfV), SWEMARC (University of Gothenburg), SLU Aquaculture (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU), Innovatum Science Park, Swedish Board of Agriculture, Landsbygdsnätverket, Vattenfall, Vattenbrukscentrum Norr AB.