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Drinking water and health

We consume an average of two liters of drinking water per day. But how healthy is your drinking water? SLU produces knowledge for decision makers and the water industry to support the work with safer drinking water.

Mother and baby taking water from a tap, photo.

Safer water management

There are tens of thousands of potentially harmful substances circulating in our environment. The challenge is to manage the risks so that future generations can be protected. 

Stop the amount of PFAS in circulation

PFAS are chemicals that are both harmful to human health and difficult to break down. Since drinking water is our most important foodstuff, it is important to try to reduce the level of PFAS in water.

Pouring water in a glass in the kitchen, photo.

What's hiding in your drinking water?

SLU develops knowledge to achieve safer drinking water and water treatment.

Clean water and sanitation (goal 6); Life below water (goal 14)

SLU monitors inland waters and studies e.g. drinking water and sanitation. We conduct research, monitoring and consulting activities on issues connected to the sea. Read more about SLU and the global goals of Agenda 2030.

Two children playing with a small pool of water. Photo.

Find more knowledge about water at SLU

SLU has an extensive knowledge of water – from water suitable for drinking to wildlife habitat. With the help of Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, research and collaboration with others, we contribute to an increased knowledge of sustainable water management. Find out more about water knowledge from SLU!

Published: 08 September 2023 - Page editor: fomaredaktion@slu.se