Workstream 1: Producing intelligence and analyses for decision-makers

Last changed: 29 May 2024
Photo Raphael Belmin

SASi-SPi Workstream 1 gives timely advice and science-based insights for DG-INTPA on global issues related to sustainable agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture food systems.

Workstream 1 provides fast-track intelligence within 72 hours upon request – as policy breifs, approximately twice per month and is coordinated by the French agricultural research and cooperation organization working for the sustainable development of tropical and Mediterranean regions (CIRAD).

The delivery of Workstream 1 is structured around different interventions:

  • a working group with AN-FAO-DG INTPA representatives defining hot topics and linkages with Workstream 2
  • AN and FAO parallel delivery of short rapid response notes for DG INTPA internal use, AN notes provide key facts and figures, the state of the debates and controversies, and policy options
  • these notes can then be subject to a deeper analysis through a think tank leading to the delivery of longer commentary, technical brief, or policy brief.


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