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Alumni ambassadors

Thank you for contributing to our vision of doubling the number of SLU
students by 2027! As alumni, you are an invaluable source of inspiration to
prospective students, as your career is living proof of where an SLU education
can take you.

The world needs more SLU graduates

At SLU, we nourish critical thinking, openness and objectivity, and we produce world-class research.We also give our students the opportunity to make a difference in society. Our knowledge and perspectives are of fundamental importance for sustainable development at all levels.

Students with a degree from SLU are well equiped to face the challenges of today and of the future, locally and globally, and society needs them. We need students who ask the big questions about animals, nature and life, and who give us the answers we need in order to build a prosperous world.

Stay in touch - spread the word!

An easy way to get involved is to become a digital ambassador. Help us reach new audiences in social media by sharing posts, videos and news from SLU. You never know whom you might reach.

Published: 08 December 2020 - Page editor: slualumn@slu.se