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We share our knowledge about the practical tools available for analysing of environmental of water and water environment. and how trends, quality and risks can be assessed. We convey a knowledge-based and critical approach to environmental data and environmental reports.

Undergraduate studies

We are responsible for several undergraduate level courses, and the department's researchers are involved in courses at other departments at SLU.

Person in hat talking to a group standing on a bridge. Photo.

Independent projects

Here are available projects and more information on writing an independent work.

Illustration of microscope.

Post graduate education

Our PhD students contribute to new knowledge about aquatic ecosystems and environmental analysis.

PhD theses nailed to tree, photo.

PhD courses

We offer courses for doctoral students, in e.g. environmental assessment, ecology and statistics.

Student writing on papers in a lecture room, photo.

Directors of studies at the Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment:

Course leader for BSc and MSc projects in Biology and Environmental Science:

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