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Mälaren in focus

Since 2018, SLU and Lake Mälaren's water conservation association have been collaborating on research and environmental assessment. The goal is to facilitate the exchange between research and social interests around Lake Mälaren, and to improve the methods of monitoring.

Publications about Lake Mälaren

Here you will find reports and other publications on research and environmental monitoring in and around Mälaren.

Reports on a jetty. Photo.

Environmental assessment

Download data from monitoring stations in Lake Mälaren. From 1955 to 2019!

Map of Lake Mälaren with sampling points marked.


Ongoing research projects on ecology, environmental toxins and water treatment in and around Lake Mälaren.

A man takes a water sample in a lake. Photo.


Skype/web seminars about research, environmental assessment and student projects concerning Lake Mälaren and its catchment area.

Sunset over a lake. The sky is red. Photo.

Student projects

Do you want to do your independent project on Lake Mälaren? At the moment there are several available projects at the Department of Water and Environment.

Illustration of microscope.
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