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Bachelors Forestry Program at the Department of Forest Ecology and Management

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FEm education activities
Field work

Our courses aim to improve forest management in Sweden and globally based on understanding processes within the forest ecosystem. During the first two years, theory is mixed with practical exercises in the field. The third year is used for profiling. Courses can then be taken abroad or at different SLU locations in e.g. Umeå, Uppsala, Skinnskatteberg or Alnarp. During the summer season, you will spend large parts of your study time out in the forest and in the fields and make several study trips.

As a forester, you will work with a renewable natural resource specializing in an area that interests you, perhaps forest economics, logistics, forestry, technology or nature conservation.

Here you can find more information about the courses available

The forestry program

The Forest Science Programme starts with the two courses "Forest Uses and Values" and "Forest Soil Science and Climatology". The courses run in parallel at half-speed in order to make better use of the snow-free season for field activities and to be able to collaborate in certain elements.


Forest - use and values

The course content builds on subject matter from the fields of forest management, silviculture, forest mensuration, botany and dendrology. This involves multiple forest user perspectives and stake holder claims as well as international and national strategies for forest resource preservation and development. 

Contact  Johannes Larson

Forest soil science and climatology

Course leader Matthias Peichl, Ulrik Ilstedt

Forest Ecology and botany

The course provides a basic understanding of the composition and function of ecosystems, especially with regard to forest ecosystems, as well as knowledge of basic ecological concepts and processes.

Course leader Petter Axelsson Elisabet Bohlin

Practical forestry

The course focuses on how the natural conditions and management measures affect the development of the forest in the long term. 

Course leader Ola Lindroos

Northern Sweden's forests and landscapes, Valbar

A large part of the course is a study tour. The goal of the tour is to give on site experience and knowledge about the prerequisites for forest management in N Sweden with the challenges involved in a hash boreal climate with short vegetation periods, while taking into account other land use and interests.

Course leader Gustaf Egnell Elisabet Bohlin

Forest management and nature conservation biology

This course offers broad and in-depth insight into the construction, management and use of forests and woodland as a resource for different values and goals. 

Course admin Karin Nilsson

Chemistry of the forest ecosystem and biomass I

The course contains various pedagogical elements such as lectures, exercises, teacher-led math workshops and a compulsory study visit. The first part of the course covers basic theory and computational methodology in general and inorganic chemistry, where the student learns to understand and solve chemical problems for solubility, complex, acid-base and redox equilibria.

Course leader Ulf Skyllberg

Chemistry of the forest ecosystem and biomass II

The course is carried out in the form of lectures, laboratory sessions and exercises. The course deals with an in-depth knowledge of chemical bonding and equilibrium. Compulsory laboratory sessions and exercises deal with solubility, complexing, acid/base and redox equilibrium.

Course leader Peter Kindgren

Southern Sweden's forests and landscapes, Valbar

The teaching takes place mainly in the field with elements of study visits to various landowners and organizations. During the course, we visit many different forests and nature types where we alternate teacher-led teaching with small and larger tasks that students can work with in groups of varying sizes. 

Course leader Per-Ola Hedwall

Forest Ecology and nature conservation

The course provides in-depth knowledge on ecological concepts and theory related to forest ecosystems with a focus on conservation biology. 

Course leader Stefan Hupperts Anita Norman

Ecological disturbances in forests - management challenges in a changing climate

The course aims to give students a deeper understanding of disturbance regimes in forests with a focus on managed northern temperate and boreal forests.

Course admin Gustaf Egnell

Soil, water and meteorological processes in the forest ecosystem

The course Soil, Water and Meteorological Processes in the Forest Ecosystem provides knowledge on how forest ecosystem composition and functions are regulated by soil properties, water and climate.

Course leader Matthias Peichl

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