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Department of Plant Protection Biology

The Department of Plant Protection

Plant protection biology is an interdisciplinary constellation with good opportunities for strong research collaboration within and outside the departmental area. World-leading research is conducted in chemical ecology/sensory biology, which has been acknowledged by the research group being the sole recipient at SLU of a Linnaeus grant in 2006. Successful research is also conducted in resistance biology, nematology and integrated plant protection. The research efforts are directed towards both fundamental and applied research. Applied plant protection research is carried out in collaboration with industry and primarily focuses on the development of environmentally sustainable pest control strategies for agriculture and horticulture, both in Sweden and internationally.

Plant protection biology is a hub which connects to several areas in the faculty. Among these are the areas of horticulture and agriculture, with cultivation type and system, plant breeding and biotechnology, etc.

There is also a well-established collaboration with other faculties/departments within SLU and with universities and university colleges in the region. In addition, the departmental area has a large and active international network, which includes both research collaborations and student and teacher exchanges. Plant protection biology greatly contributes to a broad research connection for undergraduate teaching.

Published: 02 August 2017 -