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The forests are our green gold and the backbone of the Swedish economy. The forest sustains us in many ways – we use timber for buildings, paper for newspapers and books, but the forest also supplies us with chemical products and renewable biofuels that can replace fossil fuels. The forest is our future, and the key to a sustainable society.

Forest and Landscape

Forest and Landscape - Bachelor's programme

Would you like to be able to influence the future development of forests and landscapes? Then look no further - this is the Bachelor's degree for you.



This programme is a top choice for you who are open minded and wish to get profound understanding in forest management, ecology, planning and policy that goes beyond certain national traditions.

Forest and Business Management

Are you looking for a business education focused on forestry and sustainability? Do you want to explore the vital role of forests, gain expertise in the entire value chain, and open doors to a career in forestry? If so, then this Master’s programme is right for you.

The picture shows a student in the forest, squatting and taking notes on a paper.

Forest Ecology and Sustainable Management

Do you want to study Forest Ecology at the university ranked as number one in forestry science? Then look no further - this is the Master’s programme for you.

Forest with machine

Industrial Wood Supply Management

This Master’s programme prepares you for managing the wood supply chain from forest to industry. It provides hands-on training, theoretical analysis and insight from leading sector experts for both on-site and digital management of raw materials and operations for sustainable bio-based industries.

Management of Fish and Wildlife Populations

Conservation and Management of Fish and Wildlife

Would you like to contribute to the sustainable conservation and management of the world’s fish and wildlife resources? This Master’s programme will prepare you for a career in both the public and private sector.

Published: 26 October 2023 - Page editor: study@slu.se