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Last changed: 17 June 2016

The university’s origins in Skara go back to 1775 when Peter Hernquist, a student of Linnaeus, started training veterinarians. Now, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, and the Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences conduct research here. The campus is lively and open to collaboration with many stakeholders.

The researchers investigate farm animals, such as cows, pigs and hens, in light of their accommodation, care, feeding, health, behaviour and protection, and also the outdoor environment.

With the goal of reinforcing the economic sustainability of Swedish agriculture, our researchers work on improvements to crop yield and the quality of agricultural produce. This may take place, for example, with greater precision in cultivation, while at the same time ensuring that land resources are better utilised in environmentally friendly and resource-conserving manners.

SLU in Skara collaborates closely with municipalities, regional authorities, commerce and industry, and anyone else who wishes to work together for positive development.


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