Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Application and admission

If you are interested in doing an exchange period at SLU, start by contacting the International Office/Study Abroad Office at your home university or department. To be admitted to SLU as an exchange student you need to have the approval of your home university. This is done by having them sign your application form.


The application period for the Autumn semester or a whole academic year is 15 March-15 April. 
The application period for the Spring semester is 15 September- 15 October


Autumn semester runs from September to January and the Spring semester runs from January to June. The same application dates also apply for veterinary exchange students. For more specific information, please see Veterinary exchange students


Important information about the application procedures:

The online application requires you to:

  • Upload your Transcripts of Records in English, showing every course you have taken at university level. For European students the transcript should show ECTS credits.
  • Upload a list of the courses that you have still not passed, but which you will have passed by the time you start courses at SLU. The list should be in English with credits.
  • Select which courses you want to take. Here you can find detailed information: course search.
  • State if you wish SLU to offer you accommodation.

    After completing your application online, a PDF document will be created. Please sign it and get it signed by your coordinator at your home university and email it to no later than 15 April or 15 October.

Please note that our office cannot process your application without the required documents and signatures. You will receive a confirmation that we have received your application via e-mail. After April 15th/October 15th we will start the admission process. To come to SLU as an exchange student, you must take at least 25 credits per semester. The maximum amount you can take is 45 credits.


In June/December you will receive a admission letter by e-mail.  If you have been accepted the letter will show which courses you have been accepted to for the coming semester. If you are staying at SLU for a whole academic year, then you will receive an acceptance letter for the whole year and a course list for the first semester. The second semester courses will be processed in the nextcoming application session.



Exchange Students

Carina Bäckström (Alnarp)
Anna Englund (Umeå)
Emma Capandegui (Uppsala)

Free-Mover Students

Student Counsellors

Partner universities (Only for international coordinators)

Erasmus agreements and Bilateral agreements


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